Recreational Activities

Who says retirement is boring? At The Carter Place, we engage the golden agers to activities that break the monotony of aging. 

We offer the following activities:

  • Outdoor activities
    Keeping our retirees indoors and limiting their activities is never fun. We expose our elders to outdoor activities such as light exercises and visiting the local park.

  • Gardening
    To keep some green thumbs occupied, we engage our golden agers in keeping our care home garden blooming with life.

  • Baking
    For those seniors who love the idea of smelling, making and tasting pastries, we allow and assist them in making baked goodies for their fellow seniors or for kids around the block.

  • Workout Routines and Exercises for the Elderly
    Maintaining good health requires diet and regular exercise. Our staff facilitates light exercise and workout routines that will keep seniors active.

  • Senior Salon
    Aging must not always remove the radiance of our elder’s beauty. We treat our seniors to a haircut, manicure and pedicure and a lot more. 

  • Memory Games
    It is important to keep our minds fit just as we keep our bodies fit. A large part of our activities involve memory games and cognitive exercises. It helps the seniors stay alert and their minds sharp for as long as cognitively possible.